PRESS RELEASE — Bitcurate Launches Crypto Market Intelligence Platform to Provide Support to Investors

SHANGHAI, Oct. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Bitcurate, a pioneer in crypto data intelligence solutions, today launched its crypto market intelligence platform, which utilizes expert analysis, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to provide real-time insights and data analysis for investors. The program dashboard is personalized according to cryptocurrencies, empowering investors with evidence-based insights as the crypto market moves.

“Bitcurate knows that the best investment strategies are data-driven,” says Victor Lee, CEO of Bitcurate. “However, the market today is fragmented, making it difficult and time-consuming for investors to find the accurate, wide-ranging information they need to make calculated decisions. That’s why our platform tracks millions of data points every day, streamlining comprehensive crypto information into the market intelligence you need, when you need it.”

Bitcurate’s big data approach crunches data points from across social media, chats and forums, trading data, exchange APIs, the crypto futures market, and other financial instruments, processing 5 million-plus sentiment data points daily. Meanwhile, Bitcurate’s sentiment analysis engine verifies and monitors news sources and live sentiment for the most comprehensive insights, with an accuracy of 86%.

“Ninety percent of crypto movements are sentiment-driven, but there’s a lot of noise happening in the market right now,” says Daren Tan, CTO of Bitcurate. “We use the latest sentiment analysis tools and industry standard quant analysis from Wall Street to process and analyze millions of data points, to understand the nuances and provide crypto investors with the knowledge they need to invest with confidence.”

Bitcurate subscribers can personalize their dashboard to follow the cryptocurrencies they seek and quickly grasp critical information, including the real-time exchange rate, sentiment score as determined by Bitcurate’s proprietary algorithm, recent price changes, market capitalization, and circulating supply. Users can also catch up on the latest cryptocurrency news thanks to a news and tweet feed, as well as receive real-time alerts for any breaking news or major market changes. Meanwhile, a coin list also ranks all cryptocurrencies by dollar value, volume, sentiment, and Bitcurate rating. Currently, Bitcurate is in an exclusive invite phase for beta customers.

Bitcurate was founded in 2018 by CEO Victor Lee and CTO Daren Tan in the aim to equip crypto investors with straightforward, evidence-based information. The team is comprised of diverse talents from across the finance, corporate, data science, and product industries, as well as former employees of Omnicom, Facebook, SCB, Zhongan and Loopring.

About Bitcurate

Bitcurate is a crypto market intelligence platform that analyzes millions of data points daily on exchanges, trading data, tech stacks, social media, search and latest news to help you gain an unfair advantage, today. Based in China and Singapore with a pan-Asian network of experts and partners, the Bitcurate team boasts in-depth experience across the finance, corporate, data science, machine learning and enterprise product, leveraging their combined expertise to provide crypto data solutions for customers and partners alike. For more information on Bitcurate, please visit

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