Bitcurate Super Sale: Story of Resilience

Market manipulation is a problem in this industry
Bitcurate Launch in WeWork Labs, Shanghai China.
Sharing crypto data insights at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019
  1. Cryptocurrency predictive data intelligence, delivered. This deep learning model was developed and trained in-house giving us that extra advantage. We backtested 12 months with actual price and achieve >80% prediction accuracy*
  2. Multi-language market sentiment analysis through social media and global news analysis. Our proprietary NLP model achieves up to 86% sentiment accuracy using LSTM with Word2Vec.
  3. 100% AI automated trading agent using reinforced learning model (codename: Evolution). We are still in beta testing for this product to ensure consistency.
  4. Combining all of the above, we are putting together a series of product for our customers; data in spreadsheet with Google Sheet, BUY/SELL signal alerts in email and Slack group* and upcoming data dashboard, visualized*
Bitcurate Super Sale promotion



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Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for crypto that help better decision making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.