Bitcurate Super Sale: Story of Resilience

4 min readAug 27, 2019


Bitcurate started with a simple goal; providing more transparency to the cryptocurrency industry. With this goal in mind, we started the journey more than 1 year ago in a small office by purely hustling, building the prototype, getting to market asap, speaking to crypto-traders and making mistakes.

Market manipulation is a problem in this industry

Our objective is straightforward. We saw the problem. We live in that problem. The problem of crypto-whales manipulating the market, “pump & dump” groups in Telegram, fake influencer accounts on Twitter, trading volume are washed in smaller exchanges globally, ICO crypto projects scamming the general public and more.

But we are a bunch of engineers, technologist, data scientist and most importantly, have the will to solve this problem. We understood the nature of decentralization and the power of blockchain. We believe this tech is part of the industrial revolution 4.0 and something so powerful, it disrupts the essence of money itself. And we are also a resilient team. We believe as long as we are creating value and solving problem for our customer, be smart and do not over-spent and try to make money by generating revenue, we would cross the chasm.

After several versions of prototyping with barebones MVP, getting customers feedback, customer interview and plenty of support from friends and family, we launched the Bitcurate MVP 1.0 in Shanghai China, at the end of 2018. The reception was great, many supporters signing up and giving us feedback for improvements. We secured more than 3000 beta users during this phase.

Bitcurate Launch in WeWork Labs, Shanghai China.

We iterate and improve. We keep #BUIDL ing from these feedbacks of customers; i.e. real-time architecture, real-time sentiment analysis, signals and alerts, API access and spreadsheet support. We raised small angel rounds from individual investors. We continue to bootstrap and move to Malaysia for cheaper living expenses. We live in hostels and shared rooms during roadshows and meeting investors in Singapore, Hong Kong and more. We have remote team members comes and go for various reasons. Our family and my team were stressed.

Most importantly, we never give up. We never gave in. Investors asked us for business models, profitability and cash flow, % of prediction accuracy to predict the market (finding alpha) and pivot to other bigger markets. We are a small lean team and our investors top-up their investments to give us some breathing air. We continue to build, test, measure and learn. We made more mistakes.

Sharing crypto data insights at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019

And here we are today, after more 1 year since we started the journey, we are ready to have Bitcurate re-launched.

  1. Cryptocurrency predictive data intelligence, delivered. This deep learning model was developed and trained in-house giving us that extra advantage. We backtested 12 months with actual price and achieve >80% prediction accuracy*
  2. Multi-language market sentiment analysis through social media and global news analysis. Our proprietary NLP model achieves up to 86% sentiment accuracy using LSTM with Word2Vec.
  3. 100% AI automated trading agent using reinforced learning model (codename: Evolution). We are still in beta testing for this product to ensure consistency.
  4. Combining all of the above, we are putting together a series of product for our customers; data in spreadsheet with Google Sheet, BUY/SELL signal alerts in email and Slack group* and upcoming data dashboard, visualized*

We are looking for more customers and community support to help us to make Bitcurate better; delivering better data to you, giving you an edge for your crypto-portfolio investment and additional insights for an unfair advantage, today.

We are launching our Bitcurate Super Sale offer today at You will be getting these upon sign-up:

1. Cryptocurrency predictive data with sentiment analysis at your fingertips,

2. News and social media analysis daily in Google Sheet for easy access,

3. Bi-monthly in-depth research report; market outlook and sentiment analysis, exclusive for you,

4. OHLCV data from Binance, Coinbase Pro. More to be added*,

5. Exclusive use of Bitcurate predictive AI data for 3 months*.

Bitcurate Super Sale promotion

Last but not least, we intend to build a sustainable business with Bitcurate; ie making actual revenue. We believe in democratization of financial access and inclusion by enabling more market participants to access the future of money. We thank you for your support and keep the community posted for more updates!




Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for crypto that help better decision making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.