Bitcurate Intro

Our Vision

To be the go-to platform for investors and analysts to make a well-informed decision for cryptocurrency investments.

Our Mission

The market today is fragmented, making it difficult and time-consuming for investors to find the accurate, wide-ranging information they need to make calculated decisions.

Our crypto-intelligence platform analyses millions of data points daily on exchanges, tech stack and social media to give you valuable unbiased data and insights that can be used to make better-informed decisions on your cryptocurrency investments.

Our long-term plan is to deliver to you the Bloomberg of crypto-space, we want to empower our users with all the tools and information required to predict the next biggest event of the crypto space and to make profitable decisions on their portfolio.

How Do We Help You?

We get to you the actual sentiment of the market towards your portfolio. We plan to deliver this in the language of your choice, with information and metrics that will matter to you.

Sentiment score is obtained via Twitter, Telegram and relevant Reddit threads. Our product is at its early Beta stage, and we are quickly working towards improving it, there would be continuous updates to the platform and you would be informed about the same.

Our Data Science Methodology

We apply Naive Bayes which is a probabilistic learning method based on applying Bayes’ theorem to develop the sentiment score algorithm development. By using the huge training data which is collected from various sources, our model is able to learn the important features of words to distinguish between positive or negative sentiments. Another advantage of our model is that it can handle words that are not seen in the training set thus we can understand the context of a sentence more accurately.

The sentiment prediction algorithm is able to achieve accuracy up to 87% which outperforms some of the states of the art accuracy.

Our Unique Value Proposition

We understood what it takes to solve this problem. Our founder/CEO, Victor Lee, is a crypto investor himself and is frustrated by this problem. Our solution needs to be real-time, unbiased, deliver easy insights which are customized to a user’s portfolio and interests.

Our real-time data with direct links for you to check out the original news sources or discussions among the most active members of the crypto space across various platforms. We are not sponsored or supported by any platform which helps us deliver unbiased information for user analysis. We are working with towards developing a predictive analytics model to deliver meaningful insights depending on user’s portfolio.

Here are some of our numbers so far (early Oct 2018):

Number of Tweets Collected: 317,958,758

Number of Subreddit posts collected: 140,158

Number of Subreddit comments collected: 632,530

Number of Telegram messages collected: 79,939

Some of the Initial Feedback by Our Early Beta Testers

“I like the simplicity….sounds like something I need” — Chong Shi, Crypto-Investor

“I just wish that there’s more transparency in the market, so I can make decisions without worrying about pump and dump activities in the market” — Geoffrey Schofield, Crypto-Investor

Support Us

All this would be impossible without users’ support. We urge users to use our Beta version and let us know of any feedback that you may have to better our product. Also to help us understand what features on the platform can it make it more beneficial to our users, kindly answer this .

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Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for crypto that help better decision making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.