Bitcurate announced Partnership with Konstellation — Digital asset champion

Bitcurate (market data intelligence for digital assets) and Konstellation (global blockchain solution provider for financial services) officiate their strategic partnership with an MOU signing on 12 March 2019. This partnership seeks to have a joint-cooperation to develop the digital assets ecosystem further.

This unique integration intends to collaborate the quantitative analysis capabilities of Bitcurate to disentangle the complexities of the fragmented digital asset landscape and hence providing the Konstellation network real-time sentiments analysis to discover new investments opportunities. It is a common goal to build a more knowledgeable digital assets financial community that would benefit much from the customer exchange program to be done together. Ecosystem participants will be able to spend their DARC to pay for Bitcurate services, including their pioneering real-time market data API that provides unparalleled insight into the digital asset universe.

Bitcurate sees the partnership with Konstellation a valuable one. This partnership would enable both companies to create a more satisfactory customize solution for the financial services community. This not only offers Bitcurate the chance to deliver the right solution, but it will also provide Bitcurate the speed to market capabilities. Additionally, this strategic collaboration would provide significant benefits such as having paid users in which would accelerate the selling and adoption cycle.

“Ever since Victor and I both presented at a Shanghai blockchain gathering last year, we’ve talked frequently about this project. The progress he has made in a short amount of time is impressive,” said Nicholas Krapels, Blockchain Lead for Konstellation.

“We believe that, for the large financial institutions that are going to comprise the bulk of the Konstellation Network, and what Bitcurate offers is precisely the kind of product they will need to bring clarity and understanding to blockchain-based financial investment opportunities,” added Sang H. Lee, Konstellation CEO.

“We know the best investment strategies are data-driven. With Bitcurate’s data analytics, customers can mitigate risk while anticipating momentum, in real time as the crypto market moves.” quoted Victor Lee, CEO for Bitcurate. He added, “This partnership provides real value and a win-win strategy for both companies, customers, and ecosystem!”

About Bitcurate:

Bitcurate is a market data intelligence platform tailored specifically for the highly fragmented digital asset industry. The platform analyzes millions of real-time data-points from exchanges, GitHub, social media, news and various blockchains for actionable data-driven insight, today. Based in Singapore with a pan-Asian network of experts and partners, the Bitcurate team boasts in-depth experience across the finance, data science, machine learning and product development industries, leveraging their combined expertise to provide digital asset data analytics solutions for customers and partners alike.

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About Konstellation:

Konstellation is the dedicated blockchain technical solutions division of DarcMatter based in New York, the award-winning global fund marketplace for asset managers with investor reach in over 62 countries and 150 financial institutions on the platform. As a part of Konstellation’s mandate, the Korea-based company is tasked with seeking partners that can help expand the Konstellation Network, an ecosystem of financial institutions, investors and service providers powered by the DARC token economy.

Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for crypto that help better decision making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.

Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for crypto that help better decision making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.