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2 min readAug 21, 2020


Digital Asset Market is highly correlated with market sentiment. News from different sources is one of the main driving factors of the volatile Cryptocurrency and DeFi market. Traders and Investors always have a fear of missing out. When a trend develops or something special happens, timing is very crucial to get profitable trades.

As the market is booming and a lot of news sources are also to rise. But which one is to believe among these all? Fake news, scam news, etc. are the daily part of this market. When the trend progresses, those who are late or on fake news can often be missed out on a good entry position. The true secret to trading profit is to be ready before that happens!

Most of the Digital Asset Market traders and investors face trouble to up to date with real-time market happenings. According to a survey, 40% of crypto traders want instant alerts for global crypto news and it is really tough for them to surf all the news from different sources.

What if you get all the trusted crypto news into a single platform? Summarization of each news with Bullish or Bearish confidence? Getting the latest blockchain news, cryptocurrency news, and DeFi news is much easier now with Bitcurate LIVEFEED.

Latest Bitcoin news, ETH news, XRP news, etc. from all the trusted and reliable sources are available on this LIVEFEED. You can get all the Digital Assets news from around the world into this single platform. Get instant global crypto news, stay connected 24/7, and be the first to know the most important news & information in the Digital asset market.

LIVEFEED also provides news summarization and Bullish or Bearish with confidence by using machine learning. Thus, it saves time and helps crypto traders to understand the news sentiment.

Stay tuned to market happenings with unbiased news, take your own decision, and gain an unfair advantage, today.

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