We have decided to call it a day for Bitcurate startup. The journey was bittersweet and startup are, by nature, extremely risky! I wish to express my gratitude and thank you for those who have supported Bitcurate through and through. I’m grateful for my team, investors, and our community for support over the last 3 years. No words could express my feelings and thoughts for this incredible journey, but alas, we reached a dead-end and have no more options but to end it.

Let me recap what we went through over the last 3 years of Bitcurate journey as an…

Are you are aware of the recent DeFi trend which is recreating the traditional financial system? Transferring money and other banking services are now easier and super-fast with Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and Decentralized Applications (DApps).

Asset Management, Payments, Lending and Borrowing, Trading, etc. are going to the pathway of a new history. Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, Flash Loans, etc. are a very new concept in the industry!

Bitcurate team is offering you the ‘DeFi 101 — Introduction to Decentralized Finance’ eBook.

After reading the ebook you can able to understand-

  • What is DeFi? Why do we need DeFi? …

What if you can get the ‘real-time order-book updates’ of your favorite cryptocurrencies from different exchanges around the world into a single dashboard?

Whenever we trade cryptocurrency we always ask ourselves, “What will we gain from this?”. We know that it is inconvenient to have multiple accounts in different exchanges, visiting these exchanges, and getting real-time data on order-books.

An order book is a register of all orders being placed for a specific asset on a specific exchange. It helps market participants understand the market trends and dynamics over time.

Now you can easily understand whether the whole crypto market is buying or selling the specific coin and what is the current market trend! You can easily check the list of pending orders that people are putting on a particular exchange or a specific asset.

If the order quantity on the buy-side is significantly larger than that of the sell side, especially on the best bid/ask price level, it suggests stronger momentum from the buy-side, and that the…

Bitcurate is the best place to analyze, research, understand, and forecast your cryptocurrency investments. Currently, we are offering All-in-one Crypto Analytics which is powered by Blockchain, Exchanges & AI Sentiment.

Digital Asset Market is highly correlated with market sentiment. News from different sources is one of the main driving factors of the volatile Cryptocurrency and DeFi market. Traders and Investors always have a fear of missing out. When a trend develops or something special happens, timing is very crucial to get profitable trades.

As the market is booming and a lot of news sources are also to rise. But which one is to believe among these all? Fake news, scam news, etc. are the daily part of this market. When the trend progresses, those who are late or on fake…

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. This is one of the main concerns of the Digital Asset industry. But what are the factors which are making this volatility? Are we really aware of how to deal with these random price changes of all the cryptocurrencies? Successful traders and investors look into different things before taking the investment decisions!

Staying up-to-date with real-time market happenings is the key factor to become a successful trader. But it is not easy to stay updated with all the surroundings around the market. …

Bitcurate launched an all-in-one crypto analytics platform Bitcurate PRO which is providing real-time global crypto news from reliable sources, highlights from crypto influencers, price alerts, whale-wallets movements, market sentiments, and much more all together into a platform.

Cryptocurrency traders spend hours every day looking for an ‘edge’ and relevant information that is useful, actionable, and unbiased to help them make good trading decisions. Research shows most of the crypto traders are anxious or in stress from daily crypto trading. They feel a fear of missing out or profitable trades.

Bitcurate aims to bring transparency to the cryptocurrency industry and wants…

We are very excited to share some recent achievements for Bitcurate. The company has been short-listed for a project initiated by Standard Chartered Ventures Fintech Bridge. The challenge is to build a predictive model to estimate the daily T0 risk-based hypothetical P&L for Standard Chartered bank Financial Markets Product Control & Market Risk teams.

Bitcurate started with a simple goal; providing more transparency to the cryptocurrency industry. With this goal in mind, we started the journey more than 1 year ago in a small office by purely hustling, building the prototype, getting to market asap, speaking to crypto-traders and making mistakes.

Market manipulation is a problem in this industry

Our objective is straightforward. We saw the problem. We live in that problem. The problem of crypto-whales manipulating the market, “pump & dump” groups in Telegram, fake influencer accounts on Twitter, trading volume are washed in smaller exchanges globally, ICO crypto projects scamming the general public and more.

But we are a bunch…

Date: 16 August 2019

Midas Protocol (a 4-in-1 universal multi-chain crypto wallet) and Bitcurate (market data intelligence for digital assets) officiate their strategic partnership as of today — 16 August 2019! Both parties signed an MOU that strives to join forces in exploring synergies in respective product offerings to further strengthen both companies stakeholders, users and ecosystem.

Midas Protocol wallet consists of features like advanced order-types that continuously monitor market movements and place stand-by orders, as well as news and sudden price movements that send a notification to users mobile app when something happens in the market that can significantly…


Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for crypto that help better decision making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.

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