We have decided to call it a day for Bitcurate startup. The journey was bittersweet and startup are, by nature, extremely risky! I wish to express my gratitude and thank you for those who have supported Bitcurate through and through. I’m grateful for my team, investors, and our community for…

What if you can get the ‘real-time order-book updates’ of your favorite cryptocurrencies from different exchanges around the world into a single dashboard?

Whenever we trade cryptocurrency we always ask ourselves, “What will we gain from this?”. We know that it is inconvenient to have multiple accounts in different exchanges, visiting these exchanges, and getting real-time data on order-books.

An order book is a register of all orders being placed for a specific…

Bitcurate launched an all-in-one crypto analytics platform Bitcurate PRO which is providing real-time global crypto news from reliable sources, highlights from crypto influencers, price alerts, whale-wallets movements, market sentiments, and much more all together into a platform.

Cryptocurrency traders spend hours every day looking for an ‘edge’ and relevant information…

Bitcurate started with a simple goal; providing more transparency to the cryptocurrency industry. With this goal in mind, we started the journey more than 1 year ago in a small office by purely hustling, building the prototype, getting to market asap, speaking to crypto-traders and making mistakes.

Market manipulation is a problem in this industry

Our objective is…


Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for crypto that help better decision making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.

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